The Panboo Bamboo deck, strong and rigid, providing more edge control/responsiveness

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Product Description

We bring you the Freebord Blank Canvas Maple Deck. Here at Freebord we realize that there are different strokes for different folks. Thats why instead of putting a graphic on this maple (or bamboo) deck, we decided to let you decide how you want it look. You could cover it in stickers, treat it like a blank canvas and paint a picture of your dog on it, or leave the pattern that nature provided. If you do customize it, shoot us a photo, we would love to see how you’ve made it your own.

Our maple decks are made with traditional 7 ply Canadian rock maple that most skate decks are made with.

Maple decks have slightly more pop than bamboo decks, but aren’t as rigid as bamboo; either deck rides great and get the job done, it just depends on your personal preference.

Freebord Blank Canvas Deck Specs:

  • 7-ply Canadian Rock Maple
  • Twin Tip construction
  • Die-Cut grip tape
  • Blue sidewall
  • Deck Length: Variable depending on model selected
  • Deck Width: Variable depending on model selected
  • Pre-drilled for Freebord G3 Trucks


Additional information


75cm, 77cm, 80cm, 83cm, 85cm


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