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Freebord 5-X - The Next Generation Freebord - Snowboard The Streets - Freebord UK


Yesterday Freebord MFG dropped the bomb that the Freebord 5 and the Freebord 5-X is gearing up to be unleashed on the world!

For those that are unaware of the latest developments in the Freebord world, you may have noticed several of our products lines have been dropping out of stock and have remained so for some time, this is because Freebord MFG have ceased production of the current G3-R models in preparation of the all new 5 Series.

We are stoked to bring you a preview of the new models.


The Freebord 5 features the original geometry but now comes lighter, stronger, and more adjustable. For the previously initiated and freestyle focused riders this is our best product yet.

The 5 is for those of us who feel the last 20 years of progression needs to continue, the ride is almost identical to the G3-R, now with bigger bushing for better return to centre, an over all lighter truck, a more grind-able hanger surface, and an independent castor with a bolt and keyed metal cam that make the whole castor stronger and misalignment a thing of the past.


The newly patented Freebord 5-X, with its independent hanger arms, makes it possible to carve deeper than ever, makes learning easier and opens the door to tricks that were previously impossible.

The new independent hanger arms enable you to ride with rocker that increases as you lean harder. So when you set the board up you can have very little rocker, but when you are in a full slide smashing through chunder you can lean into the slide and have huge wheel clearance.

As soon as we hear of a commercial release date, we will let you know.

In the meantime, sign up to indiegogo for all the latest news and super early bird pricing as soon as they are announced.

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  • admin says:

    Hi Jan. Taxes/fees associated with imports will not be included in the purchase price. You should make relevent enquiries to your countries customs and imports dept to work out total costs .

  • Nate says:

    When is the release date for the general public not including indiegogo

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